The Reconnect Project recently ran in three schools across the UK - Newcastle High School for Girls, The Studio in Liverpool and  Fortismere Comprehensive in London.  All ran the project differently, some encouraging their students to turn off their screens for the entire week, others suggesting they set their own challenges. 

We are now looking to recruit up to six more schools for the summer term. We are happy to assist teachers and run assemblies and workshops with young people, however the key is internal school support.

Over 1500 pupils have so far participated in the Reconnect Project. A third of these have completed before-and-after questionnaires.  Key findings are:

·     Many young people are unaware how much time they spend on screens

·     The biggest impact is on family life, sleep and homework

·     Pupils biggest concern about being offline is the effect it will have on their social life

·     Pupils averaged 3 hours a day on screens, but many were online for 6, 7 and 8+          hours a day


Statistical breakdown from Newcastle High School for Girls...



After the schools had completed the six week programme, we held a Dartmouth Park Talk for young people to discuss and share their experiences. We recorded the event and here's a short film about it.


If you are interested in finding out more about The Reconnect Project please contact us for a chat!   

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