RECONNECT is run by a small committed team who are available to deliver assemblies and/or run workshops. We also support schools, parents and students to run their projects successfully.

We charge £250 fee for the SoW, but please get in touch if cost an issue for your school.  

The Wellcome Trust has recently awarded us a one year grant, enabling us to run the project in many more schools across the UK, and to carry out new research into the attitudes of students.  We are collaborating with the Graduate School of Education at the University of Bristol, who are carrying out the research.    The research will be shaped by the thoughts and feelings of young people themselves. To know what they think about these issues and what, if anything, they would want to change? 

ReCONNECT is an independent, not-for-profit organisation.  We work to raise awareness and spark conversation.  We are always looking to collaborate with other people and organisations who are also interested in shaping this debate - if that's you, please get in touch.  

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Erin cotter is the creator of ReCONNECT. She has extensive media experience - as a television producer, and also as the CEO of a youth-media charity. She is the mother of twin teenage girls.   

FIONA calvert  is an experienced TV Producer based in Bristol.  She's also worked at Amnesty International and on an AHRC funded creative/tech ideas incubator.  Fiona has three children (8, 12 and 14 years old).

GABriel evans is a journalist and youth charity worker. She maintains ReCONNECT's website and researches and writes new curriculum material.

Abirisham Ahmadzadeh is a Classical studies student studying at the university of Edinburgh. She is a member of the screenager generation. Abi heads reconnect's facebook page.

EDDIE RENYOLDS is a recent graduate based in Berlin, where he works as a translator and writer. He researches and writes new curriculum material for RECONNECT, making sure our ideas remain as up-to-date as possible.