Are you fed up with being categorised as screen addicts when all the adults around you are just the same? Or are your devices actually taking over your life? Have you stopped to think how far sleep, emotions and friendships are affected by technology?

ReCONNECT helps you take charge of these questions in six hour-long weekly sessions.  Towards the end of the programme, you’ll be invited to reduce your screen time for a week.  Why?  To see if you really are 'addicted'; to see what, if anything, you might be missing out on; to think a little about how you spend your time.  

WATCH: Young people talk about ReCONNECTING with Mowenna Banks and Charlie Higson...

"Being offline made me feel strangely happy" 

                                                                                                              Julian, 13

So, you love your phone, IPad, Xbox - and what?

 Young people know their way around technology better than most adults do.  You know what's good, and bad.

ReCONNECT is interested in what YOU think.   What are the best and worst parts of your digital lives?  Do you think you and your friends have a good balance between online and offline life?  What is a good balance anyway? 

ReCONNECT offers a proactive framework from which to consider these important questions. Our aim is for the 6 week plan to eventually be delivered by students themselves.  Indeed, if you are interesting in running reconnect within your school or youth group please get in touch!

"On the first day it was horrible – no social media, nothing to do, but it got easier as the week went on. I’ve started speaking to my mum more, reading more and going to sleep instead of staying up all hours." 

Amy Doyle, 13