Concern about young peoples' digital use is firmly on the radar of parents, schools, the government - and young people themselves. We are still learning about its role in relation to sleep and concentration,  physical and mental health, wellbeing, motivation and employability, public and private control and responsibility.

ReCONNECT has been created to help teachers and students navigate some of these issues and challenges. 

The SoW consists of 6 x 1 hour lessons - designed to work within PSHE, Citizenship or Enrichment classes. The lessons emphasise self-awareness and reflection, supporting key Ofsted areas of concern (Rights, Resilience and Responsibility; Health and Wellbeing; Safeguarding).

Over 2000 young people in schools across the UK have taken part in ReCONNECT, kick-starting conversation in schools and at home.  It has provided young people with tools to take control of their relationship with technology and become part of a new culture of progressive digital citizenship.

The penultimate week - when students are invited to reduce the time significantly they spend on devices - is crucial to the ReCONNECT project.   It allows students to question their digital use, and notions of addiction and boredom. 

This experience has proved to be overwhelmingly positive. Though students may fear screenlessness at first, the reality is not only do-able, but enjoyable.

"With their phones gone, they had to work for themselves and ask questions. They were like modern day explorers."

Jason Badu, Head of Year 10, Capital City Academy

"We blacked out the screens at 10am for Screen-Free Friday. After the initial shock there was no trouble at all. No one stormed out in disgust and there was eventually a nice little hum as students talked to each other, read books, played board games and did homework. I think I’m going to do it every Friday from now on!" 

Gill Ward, Librarian, Fortismere School

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