ReCONNECT is a school-based youth awareness initiative promoting a culture of progressive digital citizenship.

A thought-provoking Scheme of Work (SoW), run over 6 hour-long weekly sessions (other formats are available)  invites students to reflect on their own relationships with technology and address some of the complex issues associated with today’s digital culture.

The Scheme of Work covers fundamental themes - such as hyperconnectivity, communication and identity, mental health and wellbeing, power and control. It asks students to consider what screen balance looks like. How can they navigate technology positively?

RECONNECT has been designed to encourage reflection and debate, so young people become instigators as well as learners.

The programme taps into young people’s natural enthusiasm for digital technology and works on the assumption they’re best placed to address such questions and explore the issues. They just need to be asked!

"I got rid of my phone so I can have air to create"

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