How have the internet, gaming and social media changed the way we behave? Will books end up in museums and monasteries? Is Google making us stupid?

“I got to spend more time with my family, I talked to my friends more and finished my course work. Staying off wasn’t as hard as I thought.”

Illham, 15

The impact of digital technology on young lives remains largely unknown and research struggles to keep pace with technological change.

Trends last under a week. Videos go viral across the globe in an hour and are forgotten the next. A new phone. A new phone. A new phone.

ReCONNECT believes that young people are experts on this subject. They know more than their teachers and parents about the latest trends in gaming, apps and social media.  They also know when something exciting becomes too much - FOMO; Sleep deprivation: Anxiety.  Young people are at the centre of these issues but their opinions are too often missing from the debate.

RECONNECT invites young people to share their attitudes and experiences, good and bad.  The SoW is designed to stimulate debate, understanding and, ultimately,  a better sense of control.  

In the penultimate project session, students are invited to  reduce their screen time for a week and to experience new activities.  Surprisingly , many students report that they really enjoy it - or at least find it interesting.  Sure enough, it is often these same students who come to challenge the adults in their lives!